About me

|| Want to hire me ? || Why I brag about using vim ? || Talk is cheap ! Show me the code ! ||

Hi ! I am Zubeen Tolani, AKA ZeekHuge, an undergraduate student specializing in Electronics and TeleCommunication Engineering.

Tl;Dr version:

* I am stubborn but appreaciate logical arguments, so think twice before arguing me.

* I am a die heart Michael Jackson fan, and I love his dance, music and MJ himself.

* I love to read and discuss about Physics, Who am I and what is my purpose in this circus around, Mathematics and The true nature of this World. So always assume that I am free for such discussions ( except when I am busy ).

* Knowing that I am wrong, I still believe that :

  • Anything can be done in a time period of 3 months
  • An engineer can find solution to any problem in this world

* I am a true VIM user, of course not like this one.

Loyal Vim User !

The long version:


So basically, I love to solve problems that involve use of technology, and can have a good enough impact on the things around. Most of my work has been in embedded systems, digital electronics and software development. I know quite a few computer programming languages but I am most proficient in C and C++.

My real interest in programming and electronics came out in last 3-4 years. And in this period, I have participated in inter college robotics competition, College level competitive programming contests, a few internships, worked on some sponsored projects (one by Texas Instruments), 3 months long internship for Summer of Code 2016, Google, been mentor for BeagleBoard.org at Summer of code 2017, Google and been to the regionals of AMC-ICPC 2017 (AKA the olympics of competitive coding).

I have worked on embedded systems and have made a few robots like :

  • Wirelessly Gesture controlled robot.
  • Robot for rough terrains
  • Autonomous robots to place blocks at right position
  • and ofc, line followers.

Whats ‘ZeekHuge’:

Yeah, most of you might be thinking that my alias ‘ZeekHuge’ is a meaningless word, so let me just confirm, it really is meaningless. I was in my 7th-8th Std. and use to watch “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” and one day an idea popped up in my mind = “Hey ! ‘Zeek’ (inspired by the name ‘Zack’) is such a good name and I can keep it as my secret name !” And then even I dont actually know how somwhere along ‘Huge’ got attached with it. Anyway .. it looks cool ! Isn’t it ?

Whats the VIM thingy ?:

What ? You want to read this section too ? You don’t know what VIM is ? really ? Well, Its the only true editor that’s left around now …. that’s it … and I love it :D ! Really ! I started using Vim about 5 months ago, when one of my mentors told me about it .. I have been using it for everything … and getting taste of its power and learning new things about it everyday !! In fact, I remapped some of navigation keys-bindings of ‘tmux’ so as to match the key-bindings of VIM, and have a dream that one day, everything will have vim-based keybindings. I would just say, in capitals - “vim is really great!”.